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Sept 16 update

Another bonus weekend. Come on out and explore the cliffs.  Lots to do on PIB,  5K Run, Clam Bake, 1/2 way to St. Patty's day, Music Festival!!

Don't miss any of the Island Fun!!!

We are open thru September- (depends on weather)


Kayak the Bay, Ltd. offers Sit Inside and Sit on Top kayaks for UP to 2 hours

-same rate 15 min. or 2 hours, but if I were you, I would take the 2 hours and really see the island.

$25.00 per person.....1 hour, 2nd hour FREE (yes)

SINGLE $25              FOR UP TO 2 HOURS
DOUBLE $50              FOR UP TO 2 HOURS
PADDLEBOARD $25                      FOR  1 HOUR



$10.00 per hour/per person


Kayak the Bay, Ltd. has single and double sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks in downtown Put-in-Bay, Ohio in Lake Erie. Gibraltar Island is only a few minutes paddle away with extraordinary limestone cliffs and coves. You can take an easy paddle in the harbor and paddle up to the 3rd tallest national monument, Perry's Monument, or follow the west shore to the Benson Ford (this has been on MTV's Unusual homes)or paddle over to Middle Bass Island and a walk around the old Lonz Winery with the glacial grooves in the back of the property. A paddle east will take you to East Point where you can get a great view of Middle Bass Island and Ballast Island or get out and have a picnic. Pull up and walk the beach Our kayaks are for getting in between the cliffs and rocks-they are very stable. Great for beginners and experienced kayakers. We give instructions on where to go depending on the weather and your skill level. We can accommodate large groups and can personalize custom Sunset Tours or any kind of tour with a guide for your group.

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