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*Do you have storage?   

Yes, we have a storage box.  There are also lockers downtown.

*Is there a bathroom to change clothes?    

Yes, next door at Oak Point State Park.

*Will I get wet?  

Good chance.

*Do you rent tubes?  

Yes, it's great for a hot day to just hang in the water.  I'll give ya a paddle, too.

*Can I go ANYwhere?

  It mostly depends on the weather and we'll let you know.

*Is this OK for a beginner?

  It's GREAT for beginners of all ages.

*Can I take a lunch on the kayak?   

Absolutely. Head up to East Point and picnic on the beach.

*Are there boats around? 

Actually, the boats and kayaks go in different places most of the time.  Most kayakers are close to shore where the boats can't get into shallower waters. The boaters are OUT in the lake.  We are glad to have boats around for safety. 

*How will I know where to go? 

We have different places to go and YOU can choose.

*Can I get out and swim?

  Yes, there are some shallow places that are great to get out and some "beaches".

*Do I need shoes?  

If you don't get out of the kayak-not really.  We do send people to other islands, so you might want to bring some.

*I heard this is a party island.  Can I bring my family?   

Of course!! We have churches and a school and putt-putt golf, and caves to explore. Even a library.   Sunday through mid-Friday is excellent if you aren't here for crowds.   Friday and Saturday will have more people visiting the island. Want to stay out of a waiting line?  Come before noon and you should be fine.


We do ask that an adult accompany 16 and under while kayaking.  It's a safety thing with us.  You don't have to be IN the same kayak (good grief-that could be bad) but you do need to be nearby.  Normally, the kayaks and boats are in different areas, but sometimes there are interactions in the channel.  Under 18-we would like an adult to sign the liability waiver.  This is truly something the whole family will enjoy together.



More info:

 Yes, there is parking for bikes, cars and golf carts.  YES, you can bring your dog.  Mine LOVES to go out in the kayak.  Bring a towel so they won't slip. We do have a few doggie life vests to use.

plenty of kayaks at Kayak the Bay
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